More PipeLIES exposed

As we know, there have been a multitude of lies that are spread by the people supporting the building on the Keystone Pipeline XL. One of the reasons that people supporting the pipeline is that they think it will allow for more oil to be spread out which will lower gas prices. However, the spread of this gas through the pipeline would actually cause more problems, because of the accidents that will be caused by the pipeline.

Now you may ask, how do accidents happen on this pipeline? Leaks in the pipelines would ultimately cause a natural disaster anytime it was leaked. Tar-sands along with the actual oil would spill, causing harmful emissions that would hurt the people in the surrounding areas, and also just the amount of oil that a pipeline carries actually spilling would cause a major problem. according to wilder utopia, “A rupture in the planned Keystone XL pipeline could release up to 6.9m US gallons ( ImageI’m sorry but what? 6.9 MILLION GALLONS? imagine 6,900,000 gallons of milk spilled. thats how much oil would be released. Above is picture of about 42,000 gallons of oil spilled. Imagine how much more there would be if the Keystone XL Pipeline does leak. That would be enough to cover any modern city, and its suburbs, and the suburbs of the suburbs. Millions of people would be effected. That is not even mentioning what would happen if it leaked into any water source. If there were leaks in to water sources people would have no resources, especially in the midwest, to continue to have water, which obviously is a biological need of humans. 

Nebraska has put up the largest fight, because of the proximity to the sand hills. Should the toxic brew leak, it could pollute not only the water there, but could seep into portions of the Ogallala Aquifer, the 174,000-square-mile underground reservoir, fed in part by water from the Sand Hills ( The Sand Hills are an area of Nebraska that houses a lot of historical and cultural significance, as well as a major habitat for animals. This is a major tourist destination. If this was to be ruined, this would harm more then just the land of Nebraska. It would harm the people, the economy, and pretty much everything. (


So as you can see, Pipeline accidents will cause major problems. Not only for the people, but for the environment and the economy. We brought up the point, would you accept this if it was in your neighborhood? Now i raise another point, Could you imagine having your home and entire life destroyed right before your eyes? Because if the Keystone Pipeline XL is passed, that could be a reality for any person living near the Pipeline. If you cannot accept that, are you willing to give that fate to someone else?


The Pipeline Won’t Meet American Demand

One of the main reasons that many proponents call for Keystone XL pipeline because it will supply a steady supply of oil to the United States. On TransCanada’s website it states that the United States would be able to reduce the amount of oil that is imported from Venezuela and the Middle East. TransCanada argues that the United States will continue to import 3.5 to 7.5 million barrels per day until the year 2035. However, these claims by TransCanada are currently irrelevant, as the United States are currently experiencing a boom in domestic oil production.


Due to Shale and other unconventional oil production, the United States is on the verge of becoming one of the largest oil producers in the world. Thus the energy security argument that TransCanada has framed is in fact unneeded in our country. By having these innovative forms of oil production the United States will be able to have lighter oil than the heavy crude oil that would be pumped from the Keystone XL pipeline. Ultimately, by moving forward with the cleaner oil, the United States would benefit by moving our own domestic production to the market.


Another argument that needs to be exposed is that Canada at the moment does not have enough tar sands oil to fill current pipelines. According to the NRDC, there is still two million of empty space in a pipeline from Canada to the United States. It is estimated that the Keystone pipeline is only able to export half of what TransCanada states they will be able to export. In fact, the pipeline will not be able to truly export the amount that TransCanada claim they will be able to export until 2025. Therefore Keystone XL pipeline will not be able to meet the current demands of the American pubic. Thus our country must continue to build upon innovative forms oil than build an unneeded pipeline that will cause more harm than good.


Keystone Pipeline XL: Cancer generator

            So as we talked about last week, we all know that the Keystone Pipeline XL project has not been completely truthful about how the project will increase jobs. Well you know what else they are not being completely truthful about?

Effects on the people surrounding the pipeline

. Image

            Now, we all know that this is TransCanada’s project. One would think that TransCanada would want to ensure the safety of the people in Canada. To start this project, they have begun building in Canada.  “Alberta, Canada — where the tar sands are extracted — and where a rare type of cancer has increased by 30 percent since the extraction of the tar sands began”(

            How do tar sands cause diseases like cancer? Well, refining tar sands is like refining oil, but dirtier, and yields higher emissions of harmful gasses. These harmful gasses will effects everyone living along the pipeline, which will mean higher polluted areas.According to Friends of the Earth, “Communities near the refineries where the Keystone XL pipeline terminates, many of them low-income and communities of color, already live with dangerously high levels of air pollution. The Keystone XL pipeline would further exacerbate the heavy burden of pollution and environmental injustices these communities confront.” (Friends of the Earth)


            So, would one not think that if you saw this trend, would you not want to take a stand? Well, Dr. John O’Connor did. He noticed that statistics for rare cancer had shot up 400 times more then normal in towns downstream of the pipeline. let me repeat.

400 times!! 

He immediate urged for a study to be done to ensure that if this was accurate, something could be done. ( He has been quoted in this blog saying…

            “I’m just here as an advocate for my patients, I have absolutely no political agenda,” O’Connor said. “There are piles of papers, peer-reviewed published scientific studies have been done that reveal a burden on the environment … this burden includes a sizable amount of carcinogens that get into the food chain, into the water and the air. These toxins have been linked with cancer” (

However, ultimately Dr. O’Connors study was not completed. Additionally, the Canadian government tried to cover it up by calling him a fraud and saying that he was trying to cause alarm. It was not until a study was later conducted that he was proven innocent and correct. So now, think about all the areas that this Pipeline will cover. In what way can you say that causing such harmful emissions in all these areas is worth creating this pipeline?


It really makes you wonder, if TransCanada is covering up the fact that this pipeline will cause harm to everyone around it, and giving out misconceptions about the jobs it creates, what else will this pipeline harm?