The Pipeline Won’t Meet American Demand

One of the main reasons that many proponents call for Keystone XL pipeline because it will supply a steady supply of oil to the United States. On TransCanada’s website it states that the United States would be able to reduce the amount of oil that is imported from Venezuela and the Middle East. TransCanada argues that the United States will continue to import 3.5 to 7.5 million barrels per day until the year 2035. However, these claims by TransCanada are currently irrelevant, as the United States are currently experiencing a boom in domestic oil production.


Due to Shale and other unconventional oil production, the United States is on the verge of becoming one of the largest oil producers in the world. Thus the energy security argument that TransCanada has framed is in fact unneeded in our country. By having these innovative forms of oil production the United States will be able to have lighter oil than the heavy crude oil that would be pumped from the Keystone XL pipeline. Ultimately, by moving forward with the cleaner oil, the United States would benefit by moving our own domestic production to the market.


Another argument that needs to be exposed is that Canada at the moment does not have enough tar sands oil to fill current pipelines. According to the NRDC, there is still two million of empty space in a pipeline from Canada to the United States. It is estimated that the Keystone pipeline is only able to export half of what TransCanada states they will be able to export. In fact, the pipeline will not be able to truly export the amount that TransCanada claim they will be able to export until 2025. Therefore Keystone XL pipeline will not be able to meet the current demands of the American pubic. Thus our country must continue to build upon innovative forms oil than build an unneeded pipeline that will cause more harm than good.